Achieving calm, centered focus doesn't have to take hours of meditation. 

Unlikely as it sounds, the two "peace pucks" of the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System deliver the benefits of deep meditation in 3 minutes or less. 

They’re a potent transformational gift for anyone who can’t or won’t meditate, or doesn't think they have the time. They're also great for experienced meditators who enjoy exploring new paths to inner peace.

The Health Journeys App

One app, hundreds of cutting-edge, evidence-based guided imagery & meditation audios. Get portable, private, effective support with a huge range of health and mental health challenges (from anxiety to cancer) - available 24/7. Just press play and let the words, music and tone do the work.

With over 260 guided meditations, you get all the classics (sleep, stress, relaxation, etc.), but our special sauce is with the specifics.

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Staying Well

Stay Well Immune System 
Booster Pack

Long-proven to help support the body's natural defense and bolster the immune system, these guided meditations are the perfect titles to curl up with and hunker down against seasonal and chronic illnesses.

CDs WAS $85.31 | SALE: $61.59
MP3s WAS $47.92 | SALE: $33.54

*Essential Oil only available with CD pack

Boost Immune Pack

Or Pick 'Em Up Individually

Resisting & Preventing Viral Infection

For anyone looking to bolster a flu shot, amplify the body’s natural defenses, and support the immune system in resisting viral infection and illness like Covid-19 and the flu. 

WAS $17.98 | SALE: $11.69

Overcoming Viral Infection

Support a balanced immune response while you’re following doctor’s orders for convalescence and recovery if you’ve acquired a viral infection like COVID or the flu. 

WAS $11.98 | SALE: $8.39

All Stressed Out 
(and No Place to Go)

Stress-mas no more! Take time out to breathe and center yourself — and stay one step ahead of a holiday blow-up.

WAS: $83.27 | SALE: $50.72

Cut Yourself Some Slack Pack

Are you your own worst critic, harshest judge, or loudest voice of doubt? These five audios may hold the key to unlocking your self-compassion and opening the door to tenderness.

WAS $96.87 | SALE: $53.21

Evergreen Favorites

Hot Spanking New!

Zenimal Turtle (For Kids)

Zenimal Kids is a screen-free meditation device that teaches mindfulness through 9 guided audio meditations (pre-loaded via removable SD memory card) which can be used at home, in school, or on the go. 
WAS $69.99 | SALE: $59.99

Kids and Teenagers

The Whole Kiddie Kaboodle

Kids are more connected to the world than ever before, and this pack is designed to help them navigate those connections (and their emotions!) with confidence and care. 

WAS $57.91 | SALE: $40.54

Teen Tension Tamer Toolkit

This toolkit for teens and adolescents focuses on self-esteem, confidence, and affirming the future they dream of — perfect for anyone just trying to find their place.

WAS $57.87SALE: $40.51

& Something for the Littlest Squeezers

Zenimal Turtle (For Kids)

Zenimal Kids is a screen-free meditation device that teaches mindfulness through 9 guided audio meditations (pre-loaded via removable SD memory card) which can be used at home, in school, or on the go.

For Physical Health

Emotional Health & Resilience


Releasing Shame; Embracing Self-Worth 

This powerful meditation by iconic mind-body pioneer Emmett Miller guides the listener to a deep and powerful liberation from long-held feelings of worthlessness and shame, while recapturing lost feelings of love, gratitude, and value. 

Rapid Relaxer Set

For anyone who’s ever cried, “Serenity now!”, our Rapid Relaxer Set will have you unwinding in no time. Add lavender (essential oil or room & body spray) to the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System and you’ve got a recipe for a calm, deep meditative state in under 3 minutes. (Too good to be true? Not this time.) 

WAS: $221.42SALE: $199.99

Good Grief Pack

For anyone experiencing loss and heartbreak in this year of many challenges, this set of audios and the A to Z Toolbox is designed to accompany you through the grieving process with gentle, loving support. 

AS LOW AS: $49.62

The benefits of guided imagery are more accessible than ever with our Spanish language series — and now you can get or gift the whole bundle at 30% off! 

Spanish Bundle

La Serie Española Completa 

Escuchar imágenes guiadas en su primer idioma a veces puede marcar la diferencia — y nuestra serie en español puede ayudar a desbloquear, amplificar y mejorar la experiencia y sus beneficios para los hablantes nativos. 

 $151.78 | $106.29

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Braving Holiday Blues

Braving the Holiday 
Blues and Blahs

If you're feeling more dreary than cheery, this bundle offers six unique audios that can help recharge your holiday spirit. 

WAS $121.27 | SALE: $72.72

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